FitKid In Every Park®

In 2007, Basecamp Hospitality developed a nationally recognized, program we named FitKid® in response to concerns about childhood obesity, inactivity and declining connection to the outdoors. We wanted to develop a program where children would be rewarded for making healthy choices.

“The average adolescent spends an average of 7.5 hours a day (yes, a day) engaged with televisions, computers, video games, and cellphones. Almost no time is spent actively outdoors enjoying the beauty of mother nature.”

The concept was simple. Show children and their parents that eating healthy and being outdoors can be rewarding and fun. In 2016, a new White House youth initiative was created to get all 4th Graders and their families to experience our country’s natural treasures, rich history, and vibrant culture. The FitKid program expanded from rewarding every child to rewarding groups of children within an educational structure. Thus, the FitKid in Every Park was born.

Today, there are many variations of the FitKid in Every Park program in almost all of Basecamp Hospitality’s locations, with the most popular being a free workshop/activity day on the third Saturday of every month during the summer.

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Quagga Inspection Services®

Quagga Inspection Services, LLC has developed the Quagga Inspections Database, or QID. This proprietary tool allows for the real time tracking of CF numbered vessels, out of state vessels, QID  and other non-registered float craft as they access inspected lakes. The advantage of QID is that inspections and failures are recorded and transmitted in real time to all other inspection facilities in the district or consortium of regional lakes, making it possible to track vessels by type, location, or status on a quarantine list.

Lake administrators will also be able to review statistical data for the usage of their facilities including the number and times of launches, the types of vessels, and the zip code from which users originate. This system can be accessed though any web enabled phone, PDA or laptop with an internet or cellular connection.

Capture California®

Capture California is a free game in which teams of two to three players post photos of their outdoor adventures on social media, to win prizes from REI, Southwest Airlines and Apple. This outdoor social media game was created to encourage teams to enjoy the great outdoors in California.