Lakeside Camping At Lake Camanche

Basecamp Hospitality specializes in comprehensive services in the hospitality and resort management industry

  • Campground, RV Site, Conference Center and Management – Facility Support
  • Marina and Water Recreation Facilities and Services Management
  • Food Services, Catering, Café and Dining
  • Wedding and Group Event Management
  • Aquatic Invasive Species Response Plans and Services
  • Fee Collection and Reservation Services
  • Automated Gate and Parking Systems
  • Gifts, Goods and Gear Management
  • Educational Services


Listen to John Koeberer on the Park Leaders Show discussing the benefits of private sector involvement in parks.


Campground, RV Site, Conference Center and Resort Management – Facility Support Services

Unique Experiences

Our commitment to guest service, hospitality, unique amenities, and a family ambiance makes our lodging, campgrounds, conference centers and resorts some of the most popular destinations in the west. A full compliment of Facility Support Services is enlisted based on agency or ownership requirements.

At every location, our guests are welcomed with our own brand of positively outstanding service from the front desk to the back office. Staff are empowered to “make it right” from the guest’s point of view whenever we miss the mark in customer service.

The services we provide include all reservation management and fulfillment, host and guest services, complete maid, janitorial and custodial service, trash collection, water system management and testing, boating access and launch area management, interpretive programs, fee collection, accounting, and overall coordination with our agency partner.

Our dedicated marketing division focuses on telling our unique story in a compelling and informative fashion. Promotion and marketing is coordinated for local, regional and national saturation by alignment with destination marketing organizations and local CVB/Chambers of Commerce. Our venues have been praised in regional and national media including the LA Times, USA Today, NBC Today Show, SF Chronicle, Sunset Magazine, VIA Magazine and numerous others.

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Marina and Water Recreation Management

Modern, Fun & Clean

Water resource agencies including water districts, power generation companies and public land management services have unique responsibilities to the public by virtue of their ownership and operation of our nation’s water resources and systems.  We serve the public and private holders of these assets by specializing in the delivery of high quality visitor services including marina rentals, slip and storage, launch services, retail sales, food service, and the rental of camping and lodging facilities.

In 2014, we introduced a new and exciting component to our recreation management portfolio. Swimming in suitable lake environments, long a highly desired activity, became a “must do” activity at our new Splash Island floating play structure in its new home at Lake Gregory in San Bernardino County.

We also administer fishing access programs as one of California’s largest managers of trout stocking and planting programs. We provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services to park facilities and fund major capital improvements through a progressive re-investment policy drafted into our concession contracts. Offering many complimentary junior and senior fishing programs as well as facilities for the handicapped and otherwise challenged individuals has become a staple of each of our operations.

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Chef Made Meals

Our full service approach reflects our commitment to excellent food prepared with the freshest ingredients possible. Food made with fresh organic vegetables, whole grains, naturally raised meat and poultry is healthier and tastes better. You can taste the difference in the food at all of our Basecamp Hospitality locations.

In other locations where there is a need for convenience or a quick meal or snack, prepared foods, with the active recreationist in mind, will dominate the offering.

Regardless the style or service, we will make every effort to offer a full range of alternatives that include healthy foods that are low in processed sugar or unsaturated fats. Patrons will have those choices clearly identified in our menus and posted bill of fare.

Large-scale food production under contract or concession is a staple of our business. We have served meals to as many as 3,000 persons at large gatherings, often on food preparation equipment gathered specifically for the event and not readily available at the site. Our food and beverage services also include quick picnics-to-go, fresh prepared sandwiches and salads and more upscale catered meals such as weddings and business meetings. Beer and wine, as well as non-alcoholic beverages, are served in settings both casual and formal.

Many of our locations offer relaxed outdoor seating and breathtaking, scenic views. Locations are often frequented by various bus or travel tour groups who take advantage of our ability to prepare box lunches, including vegetarian and other special needs options. Our food and beverage operations often include Event Management services.

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Wedding and Group Event Services

Creating Memorable Experiences

Our event management services are not limited to catering and may include a variety of games, team building exercises, and other morale boosting activities. Our exceptional record of return business and word of mouth referrals speak to the value and performance of our services.

In 2009, we transformed the grounds at The Ranch at Little Hills in San Ramon for evening wedding ceremonies and receptions.  We offer full service weddings at affordable prices. In addition, The Ranch provides a lavish catered BBQ and recreational experience that has brought a sense of family and community to thousands of employees over the years. Food and beverages served in great style at an efficient pace is the essence of this service and a must for the success of a day’s outing in the minds of the participants.

We have multiple locations spread throughout California, including the historic San Moritz Lodge in southern California, and the scenic Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay, and we maintain the ability to take our unique skills anywhere in California.

In 2014 we began wedding, conference and lodging operations at Silver Falls State Park, east of Salem, Oregon. This site has been voted as the all-time favorite place to be married in the state.

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Automated Gate and Parking Systems

Improving Guest Experiences

The future of Basecamp Hospitality includes taking on new and innovative projects that match our core values of service to visitors and to our agency counterparts. The opportunity to fulfill the demands of the 21st century park or campus administration and its need for efficiency and customer focused service, low cost or cost sharing models has become an expanding niche for our company. Our turn key solution includes both manned and automated programs.

Our services include comprehensive project planning and site evaluation. We have positioned ourselves to provide agency administration with confidence in the parking equipment vendor and assurance that agency funds are accounted for and securely received. The systems we have adopted include a full hard copy and an electronic audit trail that feature anti-pilfering methods to make this the top installation of its kind.

We meet the most stringent standards and specifications for parking system reliability. We are closely aligned with leaders in the municipal parking industry including WestPark Parking Services and VenTek International. (create links)

Our latest endeavor brought systematic sales of access permits issued by the Bureau of Land Management for its Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area through a collaborative cluster of sales channels including a network of 50 offsite resellers, online sales through a contract fulfillment house and across the counter. Over 50,000 permits are purchased in a short 4 month period generating over $2,500,000 in annual fees for the agency.

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Gifts, Goods and Gear Store Management

Welcoming Environments

Specialized gifts, helpful goods and useful recreation gear allow each visitor take more away in value and experience. Our retail experience has been shaped over the years by a fundamental understanding of the ever-changing marketplace and our unique guests and customers. The agency partner has particular goals for the retail opportunity, primary of which is that goods and services are of highest quality and reasonably priced. The alignment of quality within guest expectations and the remote, often isolated, venues we serve makes this convenience a challenging service.

Our merchandise selection is noted for its quality, variety, and representation of the key themes individual to each park experience. A key goal is to present customers with an opportunity to purchase a memento of lasting value as a way to “capture the fond memory” of the visit. We also want visitors to take away an increase in their awareness of the park’s history and significance and offer a wide compliment of books, printed and digital educational materials.

Remote locations including mountain parks, marinas and other venues often require fuel services and where appropriate we operate and manage gasoline and propane retail fuel services.

Of equal importance is the message of reduction, reuse and recycling that is promoted through our emphasis on least impact packaging and consumable supplies in all retail opportunities as well as company operations.

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Aquatic Inspection

Quagga Inspection Services, LLC is on the forefront of efforts in California to stem the advance of aquatic invasive species threatening western waterways. The company created this business to provide trained and certified inspection services to water districts and parks with recreational boating resources that may be affected by the spread of invasive species. The company supports active teams of inspectors at 21 lakes for eleven different agencies.

The company developed a proprietary online database for the purpose of tracking inspections and quarantines called the Quagga Inspection Database (QID™). Participating bodies of water have access to vessel history and the exclusion list from all other participants. At this time, QID™ licenses have been issued at Anderson Reservoir, Calero Reservoir, Contra Loma Reservoir, Coyote Reservoir, Diamond Valley Lake, Lake Skinner, San Luis Reservoir, Lake Chabot, Lake Del Valle, San Pablo Reservoir, Lake Hemet, Lake Nacimiento, Lake Perris, Lake Silverwood, Castaic Lake, Pyramid Lake, Lake Piru, Lexington Reservoir, Quarry Lakes, Stevens Creek Reservoir and Lake Mohave (AZ).

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