Your senior management team has ferreted out the next “big opportunity” right in our wheel house.  Katherine’s Landing, on Lake Mohave in Arizona fits the bill for us…and for many of the big players in the marina concessions business.  The competition will be significant, but we have a top team assembled to take on the task.  The business consists of an 800 slip marina, a mobile home park, RV Park, restaurant/bar facility and a retail store for supplies and gifts.  It also has a full houseboat service center and a fleet of rentals from pontoons to personal water crafts.  Sounds like a duplicate of Camanche Lake and at about $4.5M in annual sales is only slightly bigger.

The concession agency is our old friends, the National Park Service.  Also, the lake is about 5 minutes from beautiful downtown Laughlin, Nevada where we put in 3 good years opening a new private marina complex about 10 years ago.  The regional office is the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Boulder City, the same headquarters that manages our contract at Death Valley.  All in all, we are pretty well known to this area and working to renew old contacts is on our agenda.

The focus will be on making Katherine’s Landing a premier example of the Clean Marina concept, which just happens to be a prime program of the Marina Recreation Association and with Mark Sandoval as its current President, we can look to them for guidance.

We are also in hot pursuit of a brand new contract to manage reservation parking at Muir Woods in Marin County.  Just a hop away from Angel Island, and also part of the NPS oversight of the Golden Gate Recreation Area.  Muir Woods is an iconic destination that we would love to have a hand in managing.

Don’t forget that Crater Lake (a National Park in Oregon) is also due out next year and Lassen too.  So this is definitely the time to show our best foot to the National Park Service.  We are getting help with these large projects from outside the company, as well as using our internal resources.  Food and Beverage will be prime areas of focus on each of these big NPS ops, so attention to the organic, locally sourced, healthy menu side of the equation will be important.  Keep the antennae out on other operations.  We need all hands looking!  Ciao!

Marshall Pike