Welcome to Spring 2017 from sunny, warm Southern California.

With the earlier extensions this past fall for four major SoCal contracts (Diamond Valley Lake- Vail Lake – Lake Gregory – Monterey Lakes) Southern California is poised to surpass the record setting 2016 operating season.

Our SoCal Operations include:

  • Diamond Valley Lake, Managed By Tammy Toral
  • Imperial Sand Dunes, Managed by Sylvia Atondo
  • Lake Perris Operated under Chance Gordon
  • Little Lake, Operated under Ernie Sandoval
  • Lake Hemet, Managed by our newest General Manager, Yvette Tuggle
  • Lake Gregory, Managed by Christopher Freeman
  • Monterey Lakes, Managed by Mark Sandoval
  • Vail Lake Managed by Eryn Sisk

In our continuing efforts to grow our operations, as well as enhance our visitors experience in our beautiful parks, the SoCal Management staff is continually looking for additional revenue streams and property enhancements.

This year, The Lake Hemet Recreation Company is introducing 10 Park Model Cabins. The Cabins are located in our campground #3, close to our Screaming Eagle Water Park, and have already exceeded expectations in their popularity. Additional enhancements to the Lake Hemet Recreation Company for this summer will include additional water play structures at the water park, as well as a new food service truck at the enlarged swim beach area.

Over at the Diamond Valley Marina, with a fresh two year extension, Basecamp Hospitality has invested in two additional patio boats for its fleet, along with an extensive repower program for the bass boat fleet. After more than 16 years of operations, D.V.M. is finally getting power! The poles and lines are in place and we look forward to the switch being thrown in the next two months. Along with the power project, construction is scheduled to begin on a new restroom facility in the next 90 days.

Vail Lake continues to grow its operation’s bottom line with strong management and innovative thinking. Despite the series of short term extensions, the contributions to the bottom line continue to grow along with improvements. The most recent improvements were to the food and beverage departments, as well as campground enhancements, which are prominent factors in the visitation upsurge.

The Lake Gregory Recreation Company and San Moritz Lodge continue to grow and invest in the future. Improvements for the 2017 operating season will include additional water structures for the water park, introduction of beach cabanas and private shaded lounge chair structures, as well as more than 750 tons of new beach sand for our guests to enjoy. The San Moritz Lodge, under strong leadership and management continues to grow at a rapid pace, with sales for 2017 already 24% ahead of last year! The San Moritz facility is now the area’s premier mountain wedding facility in Southern California.

Lake Perris enters its second year of operation with an expanded water park and beach area. Other additions to Lake Perris will include the addition of shade structures to create a more inviting atmosphere, as well as promote longer stays at the facility.

The Imperial Sand Dunes is wrapping up another very successful season. This operation continues to grow its bottom line contribution to Basecamp Hospitality with innovative management thinking, and hard work. This operation can be proud to once again lead the company in percentage of sales making it to the bottom line.

The Monterey Lakes Recreation Company has suffered with the recent drought in California. Lake San Antonio had reached a water level of less than 3% of water capacity, and Lake Nacimiento falling below 25%……What a difference a wet winter can make….Lake Nacimiento has reached more than 95% of its full capacity, and San Antonio is nearly at the 70% level. For the first time in more than three years, all three resort locations will be operational at the two Lakes. This is a huge undertaking for Basecamp Hospitality, given the reduced role of our valuable business partner, Monterey County. Our exceptional Management team has already exceeded expectations, and on April 14th, successfully reopened the Lake San Antonio South Shore operation, taking over all maintenance and operating assets including Kiosk, campsites, day use areas, launch ramps and mussel inspections, as well as full retail operations. The staff is also on schedule to reopen the North Shore operation on Lake San Antonio in early June. Not being lost in the success of reopening the Lake San Antonio operation, is the successful transition to assuming all the operational assets at Lake Nacimiento. Mark and his management team recently expanded their responsibility to include all maintenance, campground operations, kiosk, day use, launch ramp and inspections, to go along with the retail, food and beverage, as well as all marina and boat rental operations.

As all of you, The Southern California Operations are proud to represent Basecamp Hospitality, as we all continue to be leaders in the Recreation Industry.


Tim Colvin
SoCal V.P. of Operations

Basecamp Hospitality, The Leader in the Recreation Industry