The winter weather we experienced continues to have an impact on our Northern facilities in July. As of this writing, the highway through Lassen is not cleared for traffic; they are still contending with 15 feet of snow on the roads and are looking at the middle of the month to be punched through. This has hampered visitation, available trails to hike, horseback rides and peak access.

Drakesbad opened a week late due to the snow. This year Nick brought in a limited amount of horses due to trail closures due to snow and Devils Kitchen trail being repaired for half the summer, closing off horse access.

Manzanita is rounding the corner with their new GM, Johnny Mac as everyone calls him. The property is well staffed and finally moving into the efficiencies with repetitive trainings.

Lassen Café catered a dinner for NPR Public Radio in late June, the Park Service got the patio cleared with 2 days to spare (there still is about 4 feet of snow everywhere at the Visitors Center). The event was a big success and NPR is considering using Silver Falls for a location next summer.

Shasta, Trinity and Lewiston are full and rocking! There is lots of activity on the lakes and the campgrounds are packed on the weekends. The new Fee Tube design Kevin installed are working wonderfully and brings closure to a long time issue for SRC. The new group camps are booking quite well, giving us a new revenue spoke in our wheelhouse.

Silver Falls is developing their brand quite well. It has developed a new reputation, which has the phone ringing off the hook. From weddings to reunions to group events, everyone is pleased with the locations offerings and the food service. The reviews that are coming in are proof that our staff consistently exceeds guest expectations.

Mike Han

VP Northern Region


Lassen Highway officially opened July 26, 2017!