Why Is Employee Engagement So Important?


As a manager, keeping your employees engaged is perhaps the biggest challenge you face. It’s also a huge opportunity to gain long-term commitment and discretionary effort from your team. That effort will ultimately lead to higher sales and fewer mistakes.

There is more and more convincing evidence that improving employee engagement can significantly improve company performance across a number of key areas, such as: profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation, health and safety, sickness and absence, turnover and wellbeing.

Here’s one of the best ideas for keeping us working together as a team and for the common good. Continue get your employees involved in social and charitable activities. Giving back creates a positive mentality. It also fosters pride and loyalty.

Get the team together, have everyone pitch a cause and pick the one you want to support. It’s important that you make it personal, that you make it count. You can donate either time and involvement, or money, or both.

Usually, giving time is more rewarding than giving money, especially for generation “Y” employees, who are highly oriented towards social involvement.

Kenny Walker | Director of HR