Today’s world is full of trendy buzzwords and new websites for marketing. Buzzwords like: social media, SEO, product launch formulas, webinars, pay-per-click, mobile apps, etc. Many people get overwhelmed and confused about all these “new” ways to market a business.

Well, don’t be. These are Bright Shiny Objects or B.S.O. There’s NOTHING new! If you’re looking for “new” you’re going to be looking for a long time. There have been new forms of MEDIA, but how to market and build a business… nothing new there. The principles of successful marketing are pretty simple.

Good old fashioned high Return on Investment (ROI) strategies often get overlooked while these new B.S.O.’s are pushed to the forefront. (Rookies and veterans alike fall into this trap.) What are those ROI skills?

Understanding human nature and market behavior!

Solving problems. Serving a hungry audience. Grabbing attention. Building interest. Stirring desire. Projecting a desirable result people can identify with, speaking directly to the audience with personality 1 on 1, making guests feel special and persuading people to take action are some of the fundamentals to your success.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  There is REAL opportunity in new media. However, they have to be part of something bigger, and set up to support the core of your offerings. Before you jump on-board because you saw a fancy email from the latest competitor or you thought an ad was cool or because everyone else is doing it, take a step back and look at what is proven to work for you. Then put some money aside to test out this new marketing media. If it works, then go full tilt on it.

Invest your time and money in becoming a master of the timeless marketing principles… and enjoy a lifetime of prosperity no matter what media becomes the new thing.

Kelly Lam
Director of Marketing