Death Valley’s Super Bloom | Basecamp Hospitality was awarded the Death Valley Fee Collection Contact! 

On July 13, your business development team submitted two major bids for new long term concession agreements.  These projects (Katherine Landing Resort and Marina with the National Park Service and Vail Lake RV Resort with Rancho California Water District) have been underway for the last several weeks (really months) and by the luck of the draw were both due on the very same day.  Just two weeks prior, we also submitted a major procurement bid for the Fee Collection at Death Valley for a new 5 year stretch.

It is a task of significant proportion to submit a qualified and quality response to just one of these.  Doing 3 at the same time is more than your faithful Business Development guy could handle, so this was a true team effort requiring diligent research and was a real test of our motivation and creativity.   I wanted to take this time to acknowledge the team and to say how proud I am of the results.

Death Valley:

  • A quick shout out to our new Director of IT, Ray Lucas. Ray made it possible for us to significantly increase the value of the proposition that we made to the NPS for Fee Collection service and equipment.

Vail Lake:

  • Jeff Brown took on the role of contributing major creative and responsive content. He and Richard Bayer did the final leg work on submitting the document on time.
  • Richard worked the numbers into something that was viable, competitive and responsive. Frankly, I think that Excel functions are mostly voodoo, so hats off to Richard. (He experienced the same challenges 10-fold on our Katherine Landing bid!)
  • Kacey Jane was our production leader. She took the bull by the horns and wrangled it into a document that actually had page numbers in order.  She also found a sketch artist and arranged the artwork to coincide with over 150 pages of text.  She also got Kinko’s in Temecula to perform on our schedule and they churned out 8 sets (two binders per set), which Jeff and Richard compiled, so thanks to Kinko’s as well.
  • Kris kept his fingers in the pudding the whole way and was the last say on many decisions that had to be made for both Vail and Katherine Landing.

Katherine Landing

  • This was our second NPS bid this year (did I forget to say we submitted a bid for a 10 year contract for Reservation and Parking Management at Muir Woods in May?). When we saw the competition (Aramark, Forever Resorts) we knew it was going to be a highly specialized and competitive submission product. Pam put us in contact with Russ Molari, who proved to be a gold mine of knowledge as he consulted and helped us respond.  Russ has a stellar track record on NPS bids (having won two just last year) and he organized us to be a much more succinct and detailed respondent than ever before.  Hats off to Russ, my new best friend!!
  • Tim Colvin, Mike Han and Mark Sandoval each climbed into the role of top notch Marina management consultants, developing fleet plans, shoreline facility plans, Clean Marina specifications and staffing plans. Each segment required research, projection, fact checking and reality testing over the course of countless calls and meetings.  Every “i” was dotted and “t” crossed.
  • John Koeberer made the “all hands in” decision to go after Katherine Landing and owned the financing arrangements that put us in the league to compete with the big guys. If we get this one, we can lay claim to being a “big guy” too, in my humble opinion.  Game changer.  Sets us up for Lassen and Crater Lake too!
  • Pam was our solid grammar and punctuation coach. I think she might need new glasses after reading so much in such a short time (mostly on Vail).
  • As we thanked Kinko’s, we also owe thanks to “The Copy Center” in Red Bluff. I had to move production around a couple of times and they accommodated with a great print job.
  • Dina and the Red Bluff team responded with all requests for documentation and historic accounting data – had to find a few old files, but they came through.
  • Kelly, Hollie, Krystal and the crew in Fairfield hosted multiple work sessions and conference calls and basically kept the lights on and the coffee hot. We (through Kelly) added a few web page curves, so thanks to Kelly for slipping this into his busy summer schedule.

Fingers and toes crossed… now all we can do is hurry up and wait.  Keep the fires burning hot for the rest of the summer.  You all have made it possible for us to shine through on these bids.  Reputation is everything!!

  • Marshall Pike, VP Business Development