1. Turn notes into calendar items.

You can use Microsoft’s note-taking tool, OneNote, inside of Microsoft Outlook.

So, if you write a to-do list in OneNote, you can easily convert it to a bunch of tasks with deadlines and reminders on your calendar.

You can add automatically add calendar meeting details like date, location, topic, agenda and attendees, to your notes. Then you can email the meetings notes to you team using the “Email Page” button.



2. Convert scribbles to text and drawings.

When you scribble handwritten notes into OneNote on a device that supports electronic ink (OneNote, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc.).  OneNote has to sort of guess which lines belong together.

If it guesses wrong, you can easily fix it with the “Lasso” tool.

Select Lasso Select, circle an area of your note and then you can edit it or use the “Ink to Text” or “Math” option to change the scribbles into regular text and numbers.





3. Teach your inbox to de-clutter itself.

Both Microsoft and Google are trying to offer machine learning technology to surface important emails from a world full of spam.

Google has the “Priority Inbox.” Microsoft is starting to roll out its version called “Clutter.” Clutter takes any and all rules you have set up for you inbox and uses them. You then train it by marketing messages as clutter.

It will then start to automatically move less important messages into the “Clutter” folder for you to read or delete later. This feature will be set live in the next few weeks, Microsoft says.


4. Ignore annoying reply-all conversations.

With both Google and Microsoft Office 365, you can stop seeing annoying “reply all” email conversations. With Google you click something called the “mute” button.

In Office 365, this is called the “Ignore” button.

By the way, this isn’t a new feature. Folks using Outlook 2010 also have the Ignore button. But it’s a great trick all the same.


5. Add a signature to an email.

A free electronic signature app from the king of such apps, DocuSign, is available for Outlook.

So if you are stilling printing documents, signing them, then scanning or (heaven forbid) faxing them, this app will let you join 2014.

The app walks you through electronically signing and emailing a document and can help gather signatures from others, if needed.



Ray Lucas

Information Technology Director