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John Koeberer

John Koeberer

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Owner

A firm believer in the importance of nature in a balanced, mindful life, Basecamp Hospitality CEO John Koeberer is one of the few who get to live their philosophy at work. As a co-owner and Chairman of the Board, John shares his passion for all their parks by encouraging his teams to experience them first-hand, so they can better promote them to clients.

John oversees the management of more than 20 hospitality and recreational enterprises in the western United States, including public parks in California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah and Wyoming. Under his leadership, the team has made improvements and increased revenues for a variety of parks and marinas, providing services that enhance the visitor experience, from RV and mobile home parks and lodging to retail operations, food service, corporate events and weddings.

Throughout his 40-year career, he has taken an active leadership role in both professional and community organizations, including his current position as President of the California Parks Hospitality Association and a member of the California State Roundtable on Parks, Recreation and Tourism. He has also been a member of the Board of Governors of the California Community College System, the California State Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Chamber Board of Directors and the California Lodging Industries Association. He is also a Founding Member of the California Travel & Tourism Commission—now Visit California—and still serves as Founding Chairman of the Lassen National Park Foundation. John has also previously served as Chairman of the Board for both Tehama and Humboldt Banks. He is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Fibreboard Corporation.

His commitment and leadership have earned him many statewide and local community honors, such as the California Outdoors Hall of Fame (2014), the Norman P. Clark California Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2001) and the California Tourism Hall of Fame (1999). As a successful entrepreneur, and author of self-help book “Green-Lighting Your Future,” John frequently speaks on topics such as tourism, hospitality, business and personal development on a statewide basis.

Fun Facts About John

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…loving the breathtaking and awe-inspiring scenery.

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is…impossible to pick. They are all my favorites – that’s why they’re with us!

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks was…looking up at the old ski area in Mount Lassen Volcanic National Park

If I were Captain Planet, my first mission would be…to clean up East Garrison Area on Angel Island.

My hidden (non-hidden) talent is…winning Beer Chugging Contests (Championships in Truckee and Tahiti)

My favorite movie is…”Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid.”

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse?  Not.Very.Long.At.All.

Best advice I ever got?  “If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right,” right behind “Do it Now.”

Pamela Pitts

Pamela Pitts


As co-owner of Basecamp Hospitality, Pamela Koeberer Pitts plays a leadership role in strategy, investments, key human resource decisions and all major initiatives. Drawing on 35 years of experience supporting community organizations, including co-founding and serving as Past President of the Tehama County Education Foundation, Pam stewards the company’s charitable and community service activities.

Her leadership and community involvement have earned her a variety of honors, such as Businesswoman of the Year for Assembly District #1, Businessperson of the Year for Tehama County, and recognition for outstanding volunteer work by the Tehama County Department of Education. She has been a member of the Lassen Park Foundation since 1981 and is currently Secretary of the National Parks Hospitality Association, a national industry group working to improve visitor services throughout our National Parks.

Pamela holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, San Francisco, earning certification  as a Registered Nurse and Public Health Nurse. She resides in Lafayette, California.

Fun Facts About Pam

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…watching our employees grow into mature adults that could, and in some cases do, become leaders in our company.

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is…Angel Island because of all the history the island has, and the great potential it has to offer true outdoor recreation to thousands of people because of its unique location in San Francisco Bay.

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks is…Don’t laugh, I have NEVER taken a selfie in any of our operations in 43 years.  Sort of says something about age, I guess?

If I were Captain Planet, my first mission would be… um, Captain Planet?  Again the age thing, how about Superman?

My hidden (non-hidden) talent is…probably being the glue that sort of holds everything together!

My favorite movie is…”La La Land.”

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse? About ten seconds…the whole Zombie thing gives me the creeps!

Best advice I ever got is…“Never ask anyone to do something you would not do yourself.”

Kris Koeberer


As President, Kris Koeberer oversees the daily operations of Basecamp Hospitality, which employs nearly 1,000 staff during peak season across several states, from California and Oregon to Arizona, Utah and Wyoming.

Throughout his nearly 25 years with the company, Kris has successfully managed numerous facilities—including Lake Chabot Reservoir in Castro Valley and Angel Island State Park in San Francisco Bay—running everything from catering, ordering and staffing to tours and logistical support.

Prior to joining the company in 1995, Kris worked at ARAMARK Corporation, where he applied his human resources  and food service experience at professional sports stadiums, major urban convention centers and fine dining facilities for groups up to 100,000.

Kris holds a Bachelor of Science in International Relations from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and has completed training in Financial Analysis at the Center for Executive Development at the University of California, Berkeley.

Fun Facts About Kris

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality operations is…hiking.

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is…I will never tell!

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks is…behind any waterfall at Silver Falls State Park.

If I were Captain Planet, my first mission would be…to find a completely clean and renewable source of energy.

My hidden (non-hidden) talent is…talking like Donald Duck!

My favorite movie is…”Saving Private Ryan.”

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse? Longer than anyone else on the Senior Management Team except IT Director Ray!

Best advice I ever got? “Perseverance always trumps talent!”

Richard Bayer

Richard Bayer

Executive Vice President
& Chief Financial Officer

As Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Richard Bayer brings over 30 years’ experience in finance and operations in the hospitality and retail industries to Basecamp Hospitality. Bayer manages the day-to-day financial and treasury operations of the company, and also oversees strategic human resources activities, such as talent acquisition, professional training and development, organizational and performance management, benefits and compensation, and legal compliance. He is also responsible for directing and overseeing the company’s information technology strategic plans, policies, programs, and resources.

Prior to joining the company in 2014, Bayer spent over a decade with Aramark, including serving as Director of Financial Planning and Analysis for ARAMARK Parks and Destinations, where he was responsible for all financial and capital planning, analysis, and reporting functions for the company’s portfolio of hotels and resorts, conference centers, marinas, tour operations, retail stores, and other attractions. As Corporate Finance Director for Aramark Sports & Entertainment, he led the financial functions for the portfolio of food service and retail operations of 150+ stadiums, arenas, amphitheaters, and convention centers. As Regional Finance Director, he led ARAMARK’s finance and accounting efforts at high-profile events such as the 2004 NFL Super Bowl, 2004 MLB All Star Game, 2004 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, 2005 MLB World Series, 2005 NBA All Star Game, 2005 NBA Finals, and the 2005 Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts at Reliant Park in Houston.

Bayer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Administration from the University of Massachusetts, and a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University.

Fun Facts About Richard

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…meeting with our team members and hearing the ideas they have for improvement.

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is…the next big opportunity for profitable growth because … isn’t it obvious?

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks is…Angel Island’s Battery Ledyard.

If I were Captain Planet, one of my first missions would be…to get Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Black Panther to pick up trash in our parks.

My favorite movies are…”The Godfather,” “Casino,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Scarface,” and “Animal House.”

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse?  Less than Kris Koeberer.

Best advice I ever got?  “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”

Marshall Pike

Marshall Pike

Senior Vice President
& Business Development

Mr. Marshall Pike, Vice President for Business Development, has been with Basecamp Hospitality since 1990. In this time he has successfully managed operations and satisfied all aspects of Federal and State agency relations under our contracts and permits.Mr. Pike is the former Chairman of the Convention and Visitors Bureau and is the past President of the Red Bluff-Tehama County Chamber of Commerce, serving through June of 1999. He is the past President of the Board of Directors of the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association, the regional destination marketing organization for 8 northern California counties. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of the California Travel Industry Association (CALTIA) and currently sits on the Executive Committee of the California Roundtable for Recreation, Parks and Tourism. He has served on the Board of Directors of the National Forest Recreation Association. Mr. Pike leads the implementation of new projects in a start-up capacity most recently at Lake Hemet for the Lake Hemet Municipal Water District and Diamond Valley Marina for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in Hemet, California. He also heads the UPC Gate Services project for the company including the installation of automated fee equipment for Santa Clara County Parks and in Death Valley National Park. Lastly, Mr. Pike is the project manager for the statewide implementation of the vessel tracking and inspections program under the Quagga Inspection Services, LLC flag and is the lead for expansion of our proprietary software program QID, a leading tool for managing the response to protecting our waterways from the threat posed by aquatic nuisance species (quagga and zebra mussels). Mr. Pike assists the President in the implementation of all plans, procedures and practices with other operations of Basecamp Hospitality including integration of personnel policies, establishment of green policies and health and safety programs. Mr. Pike is a Certified Senior Director in the YMCA and held executive positions for 12 years prior to joining Basecamp Hospitality. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from San José State University.

Mike Han

Mike Han

Vice President of Operations
Northern Region

Michael Han serves as Basecamp Hospitality’s Regional Vice President, drawing on more than 20 years of experience managing multiple marinas and resorts on various California lakes to handle the company’s Oregon, Northern California and Utah operations.

Mike joined Basecamp in 2012 as Director of Safety & Training, using his specialized training in marina engineering, environmental protection, hazardous waste management, water quality control, customer service and human resources to ensure the marina team meets the highest industry standards. He stepped up into the Regional Vice President for the Northern Operations role in 2013, overseeing the operations at Lassen Volcanic National Park, Shasta Trinity National Forest and Oregon State Parks. His background in the design and development of marinas and innovative luxury rental houseboat operations has served him well in these roles, as well as his supportive roles in providing additional bench strengths for operations, special projects and marina consultation. He also serves as Senior Vice President for Business Development and advises on potential acquisitions.

Prior to joining Basecamp Hospitality, Mike was Chief Operations Officer of Water Resorts Inc., managing resorts on California waterways from Shasta to the Delta. He has been a board member of the Marina Recreation Association for 20 years, and is also is a board member of the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association and the co-founder and past-president of the Shasta Lake Business Owners Association.

Fun Facts About Mike

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…to forest bathe alone.

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is…not in our portfolio yet, but it will be!

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks is…on a boat or on a trail with my bike.

If I were Captain Planet, my first mission would be…to foster mutual respect and kindness towards each other.

My hidden (non-hidden) talent is…playing dominos.

My favorite movie is…”Ladyhawk.”

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse? I’m still here!

Best advice I ever got? “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

Donna Doran

Donna Doran

Vice President of Operations
Central Region

Donna Doran brings over 20 years of experience in retail sales and event management to Basecamp Hospitality. In her role as Vice President of Operations, Central Region, Donna oversees operations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She joined the company in 1988, serving as Manager of Castle Rock Park, Little Hills Ranch, Ardenwood and Aardvark Catering, and the General Manager of the Picnic People Division of The California Parks Company (now Basecamp Hospitality). Later on, she went on to manage Angel Island.

In 2006, Donna launched her own company, Breaking Away Bikes, which rents, sells and demonstrates bikes in the San Francisco Bay Area. For 10 years she ran the day-to-day operations as well as drove sales and customer retention programs. Throughout that time she also provided management, training and accounting services on a fill-in basis for the general managers of Angel Island. After a decade of building a successful business while helping Angel Island, she came back full-time in 2016 to Basecamp Hospitality.

In her spare time, Donna enjoys outrigger canoe racing. She has completed the Catalina Crossing five times, and her most memorable race was the 42-mile Na Wahine Moloka Race from Moloka island to Waikiki Beach, Oahu. In 2006, her team took 13th place out of 93 canoes in six hours and 32 minutes. She also participates in and volunteers yearly for the Tour de Tahoe, Bike Big Blue 72-mile ride around Lake Tahoe and fundraising event for Juvenile Diabetes.

Donna holds a Bachelor of Administration in Recreation and a minor in Marine Biology from San Diego State University, California.

Fun Facts About Donna

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…kayaking!

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is…Angel Island, because it has the most beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay.

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks is…Battery Ledyard overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

If I were Captain Planet, my first mission would be…to remove all the plastics from the ocean and make sure that everyone has fresh drinking water available to them every day.

My hidden (non-hidden) talent is…being a whitewater river guide.

My favorite movie is…”To Catch a Thief” with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, love the banter between them.

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse? I stand a good chance, because I have the skills to last in the wilderness a very long time.

Best advice I ever got…”Always be kind.”  

Rich Jones

Rich Jones

Vice President of Operations
Southern Region

As Senior Vice President of Operations, Southern Regions, Richard Jones oversees operations in southern California, drawing on more than 30 years of experience in F&B, sales and marketing, property management, corporate planning and finance in some of the world’s most recognizable hotel brands.

With his passion for hospitality, Rich has managed destination resorts, master-planned golf courses, and several residential communities spanning the U.S. Prior to joining Basecamp Hospitality, Rich served as Regional General Manager for Xanterra Parks & Resorts, where he oversaw several resort locations within Death Valley National Park. He also served as Vice President for Resort Operations at Lake Las Vegas Resort in Henderson, Nevada, overseeing resort operations for brands such as the Hyatt Regency, Ritz Carlton, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf golf courses. Before then, he was the Vice-President General Manager of Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, where his efforts were recognized with the Mobil Four Star Award and the AAA Four Diamond Award.

In the 90s, he was VP General Manager for Sunriver Resorts in Oregon, successfully leading the resort’s repositioning as an upper tier attraction, accomplished through extensive capital investment and a 50 million dollar upgraded master plan. His earlier management stints include Destination Resorts, John Gardiner’s Tennis Ranch in Scottsdale and John Gardiner’s Enchantment Resort in Sedona.

Fun Facts About Rich

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…finding a quiet place on the lake and enjoying the wildlife and seeing happy campers in the distance.

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is…Imperial Sand Dunes because the guests that visit the location live life to the fullest and show their passion for the location through their “toys.”

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks is…on a boat at Lake Hemet.

If I were Captain Planet, my first mission would be…to have every family experience camping.

My hidden (non-hidden) talent is…cooking.

My favorite movie is…”Top Gun.”

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse? Quite a while, because I would cruise in a boat at sea.

Best advice I ever got? “Don’t give up.”

Tim Colvin

Tim Colvin

Vice President of Marina Operations

With over 40 years in the marine and recreation industry, Tim Colvin serves as Vice President of Marina Operations at Basecamp Hospitality, overseeing Katherine Landing at Lake Mohave, Lake Nacimiento Resort, Lake San Antonio and Lake Camanche.

He got his start in 1978 on Shasta Lake in dock construction, working his way up to leadership roles in all sectors of the marine and recreation business, from Lake Shasta, Whiskeytown Lake, Trinity Lake. Lake Don Pedro, Lake Oroville, Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and the California Delta. Prior to joining the company in 2013, Tim worked for Forever Resorts, overseeing up to 13 operations as a regional vice president. During his tenure at various resort operations in California, from public lands to the City and County of San Francisco, the marinas he oversaw were the first to achieve California Clean Marina ratings and special membership recognition from the U.S.EPA National Environmental Performance Track for demonstrating environmental excellence.

Prior to joining the company, Tim served as President of the Marina Recreation Association as well as a past board member of the Shasta Cascade Wonder­land Association. He has also earned a variety of marine-related certifications that have given him-hands-on experience in the industry, including: Certified Marina Manager #131; Haz Mat Incident Commander and First Responder; Level 1 Structural Fire Fighting (NFPA 1001); Certified Open Water Diver (by the National Association of Underwater Instructors); level one and level two Zebra/Quagga Mussel Inspector and Training Instructor; and Certified Boating Safety Instructor (National Safe Boating Council).

Fun Facts About Tim

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…talking to guests and staff as well as boating.

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is…whichever one I’m at, because it’s the one I’m at!

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks is…um, what’s a selfie?

My hidden (non-hidden) talent is…conflict resolution.

My favorite movie is…”The Great Waldo Pepper.”

Best advice I ever got? “Life doesn’t treat you, you treat yourself to life” and “No matter what you do, the other person will always have the easier job.”

Joanne Tan

Joanne Tan

Associate Vice President of Sales and Employee Engagement

In just over a decade, Joanne has made her mark on her community and hospitality industry.

Currently serving as Associate Vice President of Sales and Employee Engagement for Basecamp Hospitality, she oversees sales development for all 20+ parks, from California and Oregon to Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming; sharing her passion for nature by getting clients offline and outdoors. Joanne joined the company in 2016, bringing more than 13 years of experience in event planning and sales in the hospitality industry, advancing to a Director of Marketing position at just 23 and then to Associate Vice President of Sales and Employee Engagement. Her work in the industry ranged from project management at Hotel Whitcomb to catering, event sales and marketing communications experience at The Fairmont, Kuleto’s and Villa Florence.

Her “all in” attitude, vision and commitment to her industry and community have earned her public recognition throughout the years. She fostered close partnerships with the City of San Francisco and community agencies to beautify and improve Market Street, receiving awards from the Hotel Council and Mayor’s Office. She has also won leadership awards from her previous hotels, encouraging diversity and mentoring young professionals to pursue their goals.

Joanne holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communications from De La Salle University in Manila, where she grew up. She also holds an Executive Certificate in Women’s Leadership from Yale School of Management. When she’s not raising money for underprivileged children back in the Philippines, she spends time hiking with her family in her current hometown of Livermore, as well as reading, winetasting and gardening.

Fun Facts about Joanne

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…riding any kind of boat and taking in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. I appreciate how rare it is to find a job like mine!

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is… Silver Falls State Park because it’s the perfect place to reset. I find the rainforest air invigorating.

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks? I tried, but I just can’t pick one. Each of our parks has several areas that are “selfie” ready and worthy.

If I were Captain Planet, my first mission would be…to remove every piece of plastic underwater, have it suctioned out of this planet and make it disappear forever.

My hidden (non-hidden) talent is…I was in a formal choir that competed nationally for nine years.

My favorite movie is? La Vita è Bella (Life is Beautiful)

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse? Gone before it even starts!

Best advice I ever got? “When the opportunity scares you, jump in with both feet and don’t look back.”

What am I passionate about? I’m most passionate about encouraging women to start their own business, to go back to the workforce, and to take a seat and own their voice in the oval table. In the year 2018, where thousands of women have already assumed a significant leadership role in the society, I’m still saddened to witness inequality still existing in different formats. There is much to be done in creating a new socially constructed reality regarding women and their chosen role wherever they may be. The responsibility to create this change is owned by each member of this living generation, but we must start with ourselves.

Kelly Lam

Kelly Lam

Director of Marketing

With over 19 years of direct marketing experience for western U.S. recreational businesses, Kelly Lam joined Basecamp Hospitality in 2014 to elevate the organization’s brand, online presence and revenues. A firm believer in the 80/20 rule, he challenges his team of marketing and sales professionals—who provide support to operations—to continuously explore their growing edge by following industry trends and learning new approaches.

Leveraging his talent for uncovering hidden assets and underutilized opportunities, he uses in-depth knowledge of the market, pricing psychology and savvy copywriting to create irresistible offers that inspire customers to action. Under his leadership, the company has expanded its traditional marketing efforts to include modern digital mediums, from video campaigns to social media channels. Throughout his career he has created 100+ websites, achieving the number one spot in Google organic search with zero pay-per-click costs, and is applying these techniques to increase the company’s digital footprint and reach a larger, more diverse audience.

Prior to joining Basecamp Hospitality, Kelly handled the marketing for the largest recreational marine insurance company in the west, Western Marine Insurance Services, with revenues totaling $45 million a year. He also developed membership for four recreational safety organizations and owned his own marketing agency, managing a diverse range of promotional campaigns.

He holds Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of the Pacific.

Fun Facts about Kelly

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…listening to all the new ideas from our team members.

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is…all of them! A slight edge would go to Silver Falls State Park because of the amazing waterfalls, forest, wildlife, trails, meadow, etc. The air is so fresh. Everything about Silver Falls is inspiring!

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks is…behind the 177ft curtain waterfall at Silver Falls.

If I were Captain Planet, my first mission would be…to instill kindness into everyone so they treat each other with more compassion and understanding.

My hidden (non-hidden) talents are…I can illustrate and paint really well. I can also do something only 15 percent of the population can do—wiggle my ears. I also know random research statistics for almost everything.

My favorite movie is…The Matrix…What is real?

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse? I’m extremely resourceful. Not only would I thrive, but there would be a two-for-one Zombie sale on Tuesdays because it’s the slowest day of the week for sales!

Best advice I ever got? So many to choose from!  The ones that have stayed with me throughout my life are:

  • Jim Rohn: “If you want more, you have to become more.”
  • Gary Zukav: “The outcome of your experiences is determined by your intentions.”
  • My Mom: “Everything can be negotiated.”

Want to talk marketing with Kelly? Email him at kelly@basecampmail.com

Hollie Potts

Hollie Potts

Director of Social Media

Drawing on decades of hospitality marketing and operations management, Director of Social Media Hollie Potts leads a team of digital media experts, web developers, graphic designers, and location-based sales and marketing professionals to drive customer satisfaction and manage Basecamp Hospitality’s online reputation.

Throughout her 20 years at the company, Hollie has played an integral role in building brand and integrated marketing initiatives, utilizing digital, print, broadcast, and direct mail techniques. She believes this is key because while the park’s nature experience is timeless, communicating with a new generation of consumers requires the latest digital approaches.

Since joining the company in 1998, Hollie has worked in a variety of roles. Today she serves in the dual role of Director of Social Media and Online Reputation Management, as well as the Regional Marketing Coordinator for the company’s San Francisco Bay area. Her day-to-day responsibilities include developing and executing strategic social media and digital initiatives, analyzing social media trends and their impact on the company brand, and tracking and driving the company’s online reputation.

When she began with Basecamp Hospitality, she coordinated and led more than 200 events for premier facilities in the portfolio, which attracted the attention of the executive team, who promoted her to run the Reservations Sales Department. There she built the client database to over 13,000, developing the marketing plan, leading onsite customer presentations, writing proposals, and negotiating customer event agreements. Helping to build the mobile catering division and grow the on- and off-site catering and special events business to more than 600 functions per year, Hollie continued to progress in the company, working her way to Director of Sales & Marketing, where she created and executed the strategic marketing and communications plan. Today she leverages all this experience to build client satisfaction and engage them in the brand.

A native of the Bay Area, Hollie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from San Francisco State University.

Fun Facts About Hollie

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…hiking. There are very few places that compare to the sights and sounds of my favorite hike—Trail of Ten Falls at Silver Falls State Park. As you round a bend lined with Douglas Firs, you come upon a 100-foot waterfall that takes your breath away, the mist and crisp air awakening your soul.

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is…Angel Island because it offers up to 10 miles of hiking, and on a clear day you can see all five bay area bridges; Golden Gate, Bay Bridge, Richmond Bridge, San Mateo and Dumbarton, as well as Alcatraz. Reaching the top is a rewarding experience and the invigorating and scenic journey continues as you make your way down the Sunset Trail in time to catch the ferry to the mainland.

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks is…on a pontoon boat on Lake Hemet, where I first learned to sail, or any of lakes where I can bring my two rescue puppy’s, Arthur and Bella.

My hidden (non-hidden) talent is…scuba diving. As a certified diver, I’ve logged over 100 dives, and aim to log 500 before I turn 75! My favorite diving spots so far are the Caribbean, California, Hawaii and Mexico.

My favorite movie is…”The Color Purple.” I was inspired by the character Celie’s determination and strength to endure horrific hardships and create a happy and fulfilling life. I had the privilege and honor of attending a private reading by the author, Alice Walker, while in college and I still have a signed copy of the book.

Kenny Walker

Kenny Walker

Director of Human Resources

As Director of Human Resources, Kenny Walker brings more than 20 years of progressive experience in talent acquisition, employee relations, and people operations to the Basecamp team.

With more than 900 staff during peak season at Basecamp, Kenny oversees a full-service human resources department, managing everything from training and development, risk management, diversity and inclusion, engagement and retention to conflict resolution, compensation and benefits analysis.

Prior to joining Basecamp in 2016, Kenny worked for a variety of organizations in diverse industries around the country, from large multi-nationals to smaller local companies. Basecamp turned out to be his home away from home in the Bay area, a region close to his heart for its natural beauty and proximity to his extended family.

Kenny lives with his family in Vacaville, whom he enjoys exploring the west coast with. He also likes reading, attending church or going to Indy Car races.

Fun Facts About Kenny

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…camping!

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is…Lake Camanche because I love the peacefulness of the water at the lake.

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks is…none! I don’t do selfies.

If I were Captain Planet, my first mission would be…to run for president.

My hidden (non-hidden) talent is…singing.

My favorite movie is…”Lake Placid.”

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse? Until the movie is over.

Best advice I ever got? “Be a leader not a follower.”

Ray Lucas

Director of Information Technology

Bringing nearly 30 years of technology, systems implementation, and sales experience to the Basecamp Hospitality, Ray Lucas runs all Information Technology (IT) operations. Since joining the team in 2017, Ray has leveraged his expertise in fee collection technology, payment applications, as well as technical writing and training, to ensure secure and efficient IT operations at all of Basecamp’s guest locations and for staff.

Prior to coming on board with Basecamp Hospitality, Ray served as Director of Business Development & Strategic Engineering at VenTek, where he combined his expertise in marketing and technology to drive business growth in the automated payments industry and develop engineering specifications for new projects. Ray also served as the company’s Director of Client Services, successfully managing a growing client base while rolling out core training programs and technical support staff. Prior to joining VenTek, Ray spent many years developing national sales and marketing campaigns for RJR Nabisco and Washington Mutual, and managed corporate renovation projects for CB Richard Ellis in Southern California.

He loves spending time in the outdoors with his family, and is an avid marathon runner.

Fun Facts About Ray

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp Hospitality parks is…running.

My favorite Basecamp Hospitality park is… Angel Island because it’s close to my home. I love that you have to take a boat to get there, and the staff are always friendly and helpful.

My favorite selfie spot in any of the parks is…anywhere by the water.

If I were Captain Planet, my first mission would be…to get rid of plastic water bottles.

My hidden (non-hidden) talent is…I can juggle.

My favorite movie is…”The Princess Bride.”

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse?  Until old age.

Best advice I ever got is… “Be kind.”

Sara Alarcón

Corporate Director of Risk & Training

Sara brings over 15 years of risk management experience—much of it in the hospitality industry—to Basecamp as the Corporate Director of Risk & Training. She came to the company in 2018 as Basecamp’s Risk & Training Manager and was quickly promoted due to her extensive knowledge and talent in forecasting and evaluating risk to avoid or minimize impact.

In her current role, she works with all of Basecamp Hospitality’s 20+ parks to build a safety culture and provide a safe environment for employees and guests.

Prior to starting at Basecamp, she served as a Regional EHS Representative at Wilbur-Ellis. Before that she worked at Treasury Wine Estates, serving first as an HSE Coordinator and then was promoted to Health & Safety Specialist. She also worked for three years as Extension Specialist for New Mexico State University.

Sara holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Business and Economics degree from New Mexico State University. She lives in Napa and is very active in the community. In her spare time Sara is the active Vice-President of Loving Animals Providing Smiles, an animal assisted therapy organization, with her working partner in crime Wayas.

Fun Facts About Sara

My favorite activity in any of the Basecamp parks is…reading under a tree.

My favorite Basecamp park is… the ones with the best adventures!

My favorite movie is…”Lonesome Dove” (it’s long and slow but the moral lessons are fantastic.)

How long would I survive in a Zombie apocalypse: Until my wine cellar went dry.

Best advice I ever got is… you are a reflection of those you surround yourself with; choose wisely or be guilty by association.

Krystal Zamora

Krystal Zamora

Corporate Sustainability Coordinator